Sustainability is important to many of our customers and also to the steel sector. The production of steel has a high CO₂ impact and considerable investments are currently made to change the steel production and make it greener. CO₂ reduced products already exist, but by 2030, many steel producers are expected to offer a broader range of CO₂ reduced and CO₂ neutral steel products. We maintain a continuous dialogue with the steel plants on their green products and we will also be happy to engage in this dialogue with our customers.

As a wholesaler, we are aware of our own use of resources. We are part of ESG reporting in order to provide a detailed overview of the impact of our operations and distribution. However, our impact is limited, when you look at the overall production of steel. We have already implemented several environmental measures – we have invested in electrical forklifts and LED lighting, and our heat plant has been upgraded. In order to minimise transportation of goods as much as possible, we have in collaboration with Ib Andresen Industri created a warehouse system based at their service centre in Langeskov, meaning that all goods produced in Langeskov are distributed directly to customers instead of being stored temporarily at our warehouses in Vejle.

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